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Uncovering the power of scientific storytelling

Since I was a little boy, I have always been fascinated by the greatest scientific discoveries....

By Baptiste Fesselet | 15 Jan 2018

Is robot public relations coming your way?

My interest was piqued this week when I saw headlines that 20 UK newspapers have published...

By Elaine Cobb | 18 Dec 2017

What’s the difference between technology PR and science PR?

Public relations is public relations, right? Right. Well, sort of. The fundamentals of good PR...

By Jennifer Janson | 11 Dec 2017

How not to be a boring panel-member: a PR opportunity

Many business leaders will tell you there is no substitute for communicating face-to-face. If...

By Richard Simpson | 06 Dec 2017

What can businesses learn from the way the International Space Station communicates?

I was fortunate enough to attend the New Scientist Live event at London Excel, where I watched a...

By Jodie Brazier | 29 Nov 2017

How technology PR works

It's surprising how often the question about 'how tech PR works' comes up - from both small...

By Jennifer Janson | 20 Nov 2017

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