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How messaging apps can improve your company’s reputation

By Six Degrees | 12 Sep 2016

Category: Reputation Management | Behaviour | Social Media

Following a blog I wrote a while back about dark social, Alex Debecker – founder and CGO of Ubisend – got in touch and has very kindly contributed a guest blog for us. Alex delves deeper into conversational commerce and how messaging apps could be used to maintain your company’s reputation. 

The recent usage growth in messaging apps is undeniable. About a year ago, messaging app monthly active users surpassed social media monthly active users. Judging by this chart, it doesn’t seem as though this growth is about to slow down anytime soon.

As a business owner, you’re probably thinking, “Is there a way for my company to leverage mobile messaging?” – if not, you might want to.

Mobile messaging is used in many different scenarios, from marketing to customer retention, and in this article I am going to focus on how it could enhance the reputation of your brand.

How can this new, trendy, and ever-growing channel be leveraged to bring actionable reputational feedback?

Offering an amazing customer experience

As a company, creating and maintaining a positive reputation is paramount. To do so, you must go beyond ‘just’ doing your job.

‘Just’ delivering orders isn’t good enough. ‘Just’ serving coffee isn’t good enough. ‘Just’ answering the phone isn’t good enough. You have to offer an amazing experience to your customers.

How can mobile messaging help? By delivering a new and personalised way to give your customers an experience.

Let’s take one of the examples and imagine we are a delivery company. Every day, we deliver packages to the door of hundreds of customers.

Currently, if one of our customers wants to check their delivery progress, they probably have to connect to our site, navigate to the delivery live update section, type in their package number, and finally, decipher the data spewed back at them on the screen.

Good, but not great.

What if we integrated mobile messaging into the process? Our system could automatically send live updates to this customer’s favourite messaging app – say Facebook Messenger. This customer could even initiate an interaction with us, perhaps by asking an estimated time of delivery (and our system will automatically reply).

Using mobile messaging apps, in this case, would make our customers feel special. No longer do they have to suffer through finding and browsing around an information-packed website to find what they need. We are there to deliver that information to them, in a conversational manner, one-on-one, at a personal level. Instantly.

This personalised experience satisfies our customer, increases reputation and potentially leads to some ‘virality’ when they tell their friends about the experience. Interestingly, this type of interaction is something the consumer is craving. A recent survey showed over 63% of consumers want businesses to be available and contactable via messaging apps.

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Handling feedback, like a human

Getting feedback from your customers isn’t always an easy task, but yet, it’s extremely important to make sure you are doing a good job, which helps limit potential damage to your reputation when negative experiences so under your radar. According to data from Zendesk, people are twice as likely to post on social media about a poor experience than a good one.

If one of your clients is unsatisfied, wouldn’t you like to know as soon as possible to fix the problem and provide any help they might need?

Once again, messaging apps can be an enormous help. Instead of having to send an old fashioned e-mail asking for feedback, or redirecting a customer to an online form after purchase, why not interact through an app they use every day?

Engage in a two-way conversation with your customer, on a personal level. Gather the data you need to ensure your company is doing a good job.

Using messaging apps means you’re responding quickly and personally. An untimely or inappropriate response often leads to frustration, which can end up as a bad online review for all your future customers to see.

Are your customers ready for it?

Is your audience ready to interact with you through messaging apps? Recent data says yes!

FacebookIQ recently shared the results of a worldwide survey, which showed 67% of consumers expect to message more with businesses over the next two years.

Another study showed that 49% of consumers would rather talk to a business via messaging apps than the phone.

Safe to say that yes, your customers are ready. In fact, they are waiting for you to catch up.

Implementing a mobile messaging strategy for your business may improve your customer experience, your customer feedback process, and, ultimately, your reputation.

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