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The Reputation Playbook

By Jennifer Janson | 28 Jul 2014

Category: Reputation Management | Management

It’s exciting times here at Six Degrees! The book I have been working on for the last 10 months went up on Amazon for pre-order this week. It’s due out in October, but we thought we’d share a little insight at this milestone.

The goal of the book is to help CEOs understand how they can protect corporate reputation in the digital economy.

Background to the book

The idea arose from the fact that I and many other Six Degrees consultants were regularly hearing one of two things from the businesspeople we encountered. Either we were talking to CEOs (mainly of B2B businesses) who believed they had social media sewn up because they had ‘an intern who got it’, running their Twitter feed. Or, we were talking to seasoned marketeers who understood the importance of considering social media, but were not being heard at the upper echelons of the organisation.

What's inside the Reputation Playbook?

This book is not a social media ‘how-to’. In fact there are lots of great books out there that will tell you how to run successful social media and/or online reputation management campaigns. This book takes a strategic look at how social media has changed the reputation game. And perhaps most important, it includes the questions for senior managers to ask of the people around them, from operations to customer service.

I had the opportunity to interview lots of senior executives for the book and we also gathered the latest thinking from experts on reputation management. The result is a framework that businesses can use to ensure they are thinking much more like a ‘social organisaion’ rather than simply ruling social media out (or in). It also includes lots and lots of examples of companies that are doing things really well, and sometimes not so well.

The Reputation Playbook: a winning formula to help CEOs protect corporate reputation in the digital economy is published by Harriman House. Click here to pre-order on Amazon or look for it in bookshops in October.


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