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Everything you need to know about corporate reputation management

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about corporate reputation management that was aimed...

By Jennifer Janson | 01 Sep 2017

How to justify your PR budget as an in-house PR manager

As a former in-house PR manager, I know the pressure our clients face from senior management, to...

By Amy Stevens | 21 Dec 2016

Pipe dreams ... or nightmares

Telecoms operators and content – saying that it’s been a rocky road would almost be an...

By Six Degrees | 31 Oct 2016

How messaging apps can improve your company’s reputation

Following a blog I wrote a while back about dark social, Alex Debecker – founder and CGO of ...

By Six Degrees | 12 Sep 2016

When it comes to reputation, it pays to focus

In our decades of working with businesses to help build and maintain their reputations, clear...

By Six Degrees | 17 Aug 2016

Teamwork makes the dreamwork (no – really!)

The first time I met our MD, Jennifer Janson, many things stood out to me – from the many hats...

By Tobi Ruth Adebekun | 03 Aug 2016

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