Corporate Communications

Creating and supporting a clear message across your business

We regularly support communications teams that are co-ordinating efforts across different business units or countries, or both. We help to create consistent messages for both external and internal corporate communication programmes, providing you with the right tools to support these messages at a business or local level.

For our eBook on running global PR campaigns, please click here.  

How can we help?

We offer a range of specialist services to build your internal and external communications programme, including:


We run employee workshops to identify your purpose and values and help you better define your corporate messages.



We provide media training, content creation (including written and video), employee engagement programmes and customer newsletters.



We offer media audits and discovery reports, to map the competitive landscape and identify opportunities for key message ownership.


Crisis communications checklist

golden rules, protocol & next steps

Download our checklist for everything you need to plan communication in those vital first few hours of a public relations crisis. 



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